MadRock Duck Derby

The MadRock Duck Derby has occurred and will be back for another run next year.

Check out the winners page to see who our lucky winners are.

Chance at $25,000

You could win $25,000!

Adopt your duck(s) before 2:30pm on October 6th (Eastern Time) and every duck you adopt will be entered.

Guaranteed Cash Prizes

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


4th Place


5th Place


Only Ducks left!

Days left to adopt


Limited Ducks For Adoption!

Only 5,000 ducks are available for adoption this year. Once we reach the limit you will no longer be able to place an order! Get in now while there are still ducks available and help us change lives in Madison and Rockcastle counties.

Win Chicken for an Entire Elementary School

The Elementary School with the most duck adoptions between Madison and Rockcastle counties will win chicken from Lee’s in Berea, KY.

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Event Location - Livingston, KY

Join Us At The Circus!


After the MadRock Duck Derby finishes the Kent Family Circus will be putting on a grand show at 4pm. The family fun event with the Kent family will perform magic, stunts, acrobatics and illusions. Get your tickets online for $6 or at the door for the circus. (the MadRock Duck Derby is free to attend)

Benefiting The Community

100% of the proceeds are directly reinvested into these two local areas and your adoptions are immediately impacting local communities.

Madison County’s Berea Chamber of Commerce

The goal of the Berea Chamber of Commerce is to stimulate and support economic growth, as well as recruit businesses and raise the quality of life for the region.

The Berea Chamber uses their half of the MadRock proceeds to fund: post-secondary, technical, and trade scholarships for aspiring local high school students who have a vision and goal of returning to Appalachia to stimulate and grow business opportunities and jobs; as well as excelling the booming adventure tourism industry.

Berea is the Geocaching Capital of KY (a global, hi-tech, family friendly, outdoor, scavenger hunt adventure). The Berea Chamber hosts the only GeoTour in KY, and is among only 60 GeoTours in the world). Adventure tourism and geocaching draws crowds of tourists and visitors from around the world to stay, play, and financially support Berea and the Appalachian region.

City of Livingston, KY

The City of Livingston KY was a booming railroad and riverside town until the interstate system eliminated heavy traffic. Now the town is rebounding and has a vision to reinvigorate their small town, located in the heart of the Appalachian foothills.

Their half of the MadRock proceeds will fund projects that would otherwise go unfunded due to their limited ability to generate revenue streams because of their small population, and their remote, rural location. In the first year of MadRock, Livingston was able to renovate an office in an unused main street building, then they worked to attract their first doctor, who established an office to serve their community for the first time in over 60 years.

Now they are using their funds to build and expand a playground, and a community center. Their goal is to provide and attract programs and services that will inspire youth and families to improve both their physical fitness and academic fitness, through increasing quality activities, literacy rates, educational attainments, career goals, and thus improving the quality of life in their town.

2016 Economic Impact of MadRock

The Berea Chamber of Commerce launched an Official GeoTour that has attracted geocachers from all around the world into Berea, Kentucky. Click Here to learn more about this fun, family-friendly, adventure tourism activity, known as a GeoTour.

The City of Livingston was able to renovate a downtown building and attract it’s first medical doctor to serve their community in over 60+ years.

About the MadRock Duck Derby

MadRock Duck Derby is a grassroots economic collaborative partnership between the Berea Chamber of Commerce and the City of Livingston, KY. This event was brought to life to offer two very distinct, but beautiful and charmingly unique small towns (nestled at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains), an opportunity to gain independent revenue sources without the dependence and reliance on fixed income sources or limited local funding, that could hamper their economic aspirations and innovative tourist-attracting ideas.

This partnership offers expansion of commerce, community revitalization projects, business growth and development, and the development of unique events through partnering and sharing in the workload, which produces a stronger outcome. The Berea Chamber of Commerce and the City of Livingston are excited to demonstrate how rewarding it can be when entities work together toward a common goal, and demonstrate how these goals benefit their respective communities.

Your participation in this event is an exciting opportunity to get involved and make a very large scale impact – one duck at a time.

Contact Us

Event Chairperson

Jennifer Napier
Jennifer Napier Career Consulting
Phone/Text: (859) 779-0885

Berea Chamber Executive Director

David Rowlette
Berea Chamber of Commerce
Phone: (859) 986-9760

Livingston, KY

Mayor Jason Medley
Phone: (606) 453-2061